Maps to Arkham (Exham Priory) – Internet Void

The final poem of a psychogeography-infused sequence looking at some of the most infamous landscapes in H.P. Lovecraft’s horror fiction.

ZX Spectrum – ANMLY

A visual sequence constructed from a ‘Quick Start Guide’ from a 1980s ZX Spectrum Computer. Published in ANMLY’s Issue 33.

Source – Streetcake Magazine

A visual poem appropriating late medieval texts from the British Library Archive. Published in Streetcake’s Issue 73, part 2.

Moonshot (extract) – Unlost Journal

Four poems from the Moonshot sequence feature in Unlost Journal’s Issue 25 Introduction to Palmistry.

Moonshot (extract) – Poem Atlas Refraction Exhibition

Two poems from the Moonshot sequence combining The Conservative Manifesto 2010 with an 1896 edition of Edward Leer’s Nonsense Poems.

Holy Art – Metamorphosis

Three poems from the Moonshot sequence which probed the boundaries of a visual form.

The Window – M58 Poetry

Based on a document from the parish records of Cockington village held by the South West Heritage Trust.


Issue 21

A Metal Window Dictionary (lut lut lut extract) – MIR Online (March 2020)

A Metal Window Dictionary, A Village Manifesto, If the Latitude is Known, and As Coloured Green.

Outside the Court – Stand Magazine

Volume 18: 2

Five Ways to Read a Village – Post-Road

Volume 36

Beyond the Valley – Ope: An Anthology

Brittle Star

Issue 40


Issue 174

Other publications include Dreamcatcher,

Angle and Smoke


Walking through: nostalgia, Mythogeography and the Rural Dérive in Peter Riley’s Alstonefield

Peer-reviewed journal article published by Taylor and Francis’s New Writing.

The Documentary Drift: Lutyens, Cockington and Poetry

Chapter in Walking Bodies ed. by Phil Smith and published by Triarchy Press

Three Steps To a Rural Utopia: Peter Riley’s Alstonefield – Antonym Journal



i.m. Desmond N. Kemp

Collage GIF based on the meticulous notes and calculations my grandfather made relating to a small Mitsubishi car and its journeys across North Devon

A Metal Window Dictionary

Collage GIF based on W. F. Crittall’s 1953 A Metal Window Dictionary, a craftsbook teaching the terms and practices of installing metal windows

10 Reasons to Buy a Mercedes Benz

Images and text from a 1959 Mercedes-Benz workshop manual. Words taken from the same page as the image.

“Our heads are round so thought can change direction”

Allen Ginsberg